I promise to buy my mum an AK-47 for Christmas

OK, I’m not really going to give my mum an AK47, but I do promise to pay for a Kalashnikov on www.goodgifts.org

They support a project to purchase and disable guns left over from the civil war in Sierra Leone and give them to blacksmiths to turn into farm implements. It would be great to know that other people want to support this worthwhile project. Here are a number of articles about MAPCO, the local charity involved: http://www.google.com/search?q=MAPCO+sierra+leone

This is a simple Christmas present for somebody who doesn’t want socks or an ugly tie. (It doesn’t have to be your mum!) It takes 15 minutes to order. Once the card arrives it’s another 15 minutes to print out. 30 minutes, £30 and hopefully you made a small difference in the world.

How to order – step by step
It’s easy, you can pay for your Kalashnikov on the GoodGifts web site (or you can call 0207 794 8000 in the UK)

  • Click ‘add to cart’
  • Click ‘continue’
  • Fill in your details. If you’re paying tax in the UK then you can leave Gift Aid selected. For the additional info you could fill in “PledgeBank.com”. It’s a pity you do have to make a one-off user account.
  • A confirmation email should arrive (probably only a few seconds)
  • If you want an E-card PDF file to print out then type “ECARD” in the top text box. I left the bottom box blank, I will print out the card and handwrite a message.
  • Click ‘continue’
  • Select ‘WorldPay Secure Credit Card Payment’ if you want to pay by credit-card and click ‘continue’
  • ‘confirm order’
  • Click on ‘visa’ for example
  • (Note that you really do have to disable your pop-up blocker. Bad design!)
  • Fill in the fields and click ‘order’
  • A confirmation email from orders@goodgifts.com should arrive within seconds.
  • Wait for the E-card to arrive.

What do you get?
A nice card (or E-card if you’re in a hurry)

Where does the money go?
£4.95 goes towards postage and running costs of GoodGifts run by the Charities Advisory Trust
£25.00 goes to APT Enterprise Development who send the money to their partner MAPCO in Sierra Leone

What happens in Sierra Leone?
APT hope to help about 6000 people with this project. The weapons are first ‘disabled’ by the UN, usually by removing the firing mechanism before the partner organisation, MAPCO, can purchase them. Ex-combatants have been trained as blacksmiths and they convert the weapons into productive tools – hoes, sickles, cutlasses, shovels, axes and other garden implements.

Photos of the project in action


(photos from APT)


One Response to I promise to buy my mum an AK-47 for Christmas

  1. This is the way how we can save Africa.

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