winSsearch – Windows key + S runs instant web search from anywhere in Windows

November 28, 2006

winSsearch is a tiny Windows utility for instant web searches. It automatically copies the highlighted text in the current window, switches to your browser and does a new search.

  • Download and run winSsearch.exe
  • Select some text anywhere (on your Desktop, in Microsoft Word etc)
  • Press Windows logo key + S
  • Your web browser runs the search

Tip: copy winSsearch.exe to your Startup folder in your Start menu so that it’s aways running.

Example screenshots:

Select text in Word

Select text in Word


Select text on the command line
Or select text somewhere else


Search results
Win-S switches to your browser and runs the search

This saves me about 10 seconds on every search I do. In my case that adds up to quite a lot of time in a day. Google is your friend!

What do you think?