Google Page Creator Reliability / Uptime problems

I recently moved my caving club website to Google Page Creator, citing its ease of use and rock-solid reliability.

Now I’m not so sure how reliable Google Page Creator is. The direct link to my site works fine:

But trying to access has just started to give the following error messages today:

Google Page Creator 502 Server Error

Google Page Creator 503 server error

Other people have reported the same hosting problems with Google Page Creator.

Does anybody know:

  • If sites hosted by Google Page Creator are frequently down?
  • Do you have accurate uptime statistics for your webpage hosted on Google Page Creator?
  • Is there an official “current Service Status” for Page Creator?

UPDATE: 12 hours later is back up. I’m now trying to collect statistics on Google’s reliability as a web host, if you had a similar problem then please add a comment below.


7 Responses to Google Page Creator Reliability / Uptime problems

  1. Danny B. says:

    I’ve hosted and with Google for several months and this is the first time I’ve ever had problems. Both of my sites are down, on seperate accounts. They went down about 15 minutes ago with 503 server error messages. Google should post some info about this problem if its been happening to everyone for several days.

    Overall, I’d recommend Google. I do a lot of my web work through them and everything but their support system is fantastic. You can’t really blame them with the lack of support seeing as how it’s all free anyway.

    Good luck.

  2. Will Moffat says:

    Hi Danny, yeah is down again too. I agree that Google provides an amazing free service, it’s just surprising when the Google brand isn’t as 100% reliable as you expect.

    I’ve been using the free to track the downtime but I find it frustrating that Google doesn’t have an RSS status feed with downtime information.

  3. Yes, I’ve been having the same problems everyone else has had at around 10AM EDT (4/25/07). I love Google’s webhosting service, but I can’t complain since it’s free. I wonder if it’s a conspiracy to get folks to sign up for their Enterprise edition???

  4. NoName says:

    It could have something to do with the Google Calendar upgrades they are doing tomorrow April 26. They could be prepping something and then that screwed things up.

  5. Will Moffat says:

    Google claim that this is now fixed:

    It’s a pity it took them 5 days to respond to the problem. Still it seems to be working now 🙂

  6. laz says:

    Yes, free is a plus but it’s obviously offered to corner the cybermarket. Webhosting through google page creator is simple, and easy to use, but of no use it others can’t access it. If my business depended on it… yikes!

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