Freebase users on Google Maps, a mash-up

Here is my mash-up showing Freebase users on Google Maps:

Freebase users on Google Maps

  • You can search by username and fullname. Example “john”.
  • MQL regexp is supported. Example “^j*” (all users that start with j)
  • Or just show everybody (with a geocode). Example: Everybody

Issues raised:

  • Some location data was foobar. Karlsruhe, Germany is shown in Somalia 🙂 Data fixed
  • How could I add a user’s image? Done.
    Freebase data-model weirdness? Why is there an empty picture_s field and a /common/image field for a user_profile?
  • I have to make two almost identical queries (searching name and my_full_name) because of a lack of an OR construct in MQL. This seems pretty inefficient. Can anybody suggest a better way? Done:Kurt suggested using “/type/reflect” reflection properties (not for the faint of heart!)
  • Is there a clean way of being informed when all MJT tasks have completed?

Feedback very welcome.


  • May 9th: Added button navigation and profile photos
  • May 11th: Various user interface improvements + Kurt’s solution for a single MQL query.
  • Nov 07: Fixed broken links

5 Responses to Freebase users on Google Maps, a mash-up

  1. wonderful mashup.
    can you post your MQL queries over on and someone may be able to help out with the image query etc.

  2. crism says:

    I note you’re only searching the user name and full name of the user, whereas I had not filled in my full name, as it’s obvious from my associated topic. It might be interesting to search the display name of the topic asserted to be about the user, as well.

  3. crism says:

    Whoops! I forgot to also say: awesome mashup!

  4. […] even this work-in-progress version of Mapit is pretty powerful. My previous map of Freebase Users can now be generated in 6 mouse […]

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