FacebookSearch: the lack of privacy on Facebook

Peter and I wrote FacebookSearch to show just how badly Facebook are messing up the privacy issue.

Many users simple don’t understand that Facebook has moved from private networks to public over time. There have been many articles discussing the issue but nothing changed. We hope this app will be a wake-up call to Facebook about the scale of the problem.

There are many improvements Facebook could make:

  • Privacy by default – most people never change defaults
  • Inform users how many people (100, 1000, the world) can read the comment their are about to post
  • Fully discuss privacy implications in advance of making changes, rather than trying to aggressively change the norms in society

More info on About FacebookSearch.


4 Responses to FacebookSearch: the lack of privacy on Facebook

  1. Haile says:

    Nice APps dudes . Make it Open source will You ..
    We would like to see what MOre has been cooked for us by facebook.

  2. Haile says:

    I mean Your client side application lol

    cheers all

  3. John K says:

    Nice demo!

    Are you guessing Gender, or getting it through the API?

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