Why blog?

I’m fascinated by the exponential growth of communication that’s taking place right now. As a kid, I remember spending a whole weekend trying to solve a tricky problem on my computer. Now you can find that info in 10 minutes. How much more progress would I have made if I’d had access to the web? This story must be repeating itself thousands of times a day as people find the information they need for their jobs or hobbies. I want to be part of this communication, both personally and professionally.
But it’s not a one-way system. Sometimes I’m still stuck with a problem that even Google can’t solve and then it seems a pity not to share the solution I come up with. Hopefully it will help somebody. Hence the “recipes for geeks”. With any luck, I’ll learn a lot from people’s comments.

Finally, I’d like to improve my communication skills. It’s really important for an engineer to be able to communicate their ideas. So feel free to criticise any unclear posts or spelling and grammatical errors.



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