Tagging demo with Freebase Suggest

November 8, 2007

I whipped up a quick example of tagging with Freebase Suggest.

This is just the client-side user interface. Integration with an existing tagging system is left as an exercise for the reader 😉

Screenshot of Tagging demo


Freebase Suggest demos

October 14, 2007

As an excuse to avoid packing my suitcase (an activity which I detest about as much clothes shopping) I wrote a few examples for Freebase Suggest.

The live demos are on the Freebase Suggest project page.

(Geek note: The 3rd demo includes a first attempt at a Freebase MiniTopic plugin for jQuery. This is a really easy way to generate an infobox or summary of a Freebase topic for your own page)

Freebase Suggest in action

Freebase apps without cookies

August 9, 2007

Freebase just announced that

Within a week or so we will be removing the registration requirement in order to view Freebase.

Soon all my demo apps will work without requiring a Freebase invite. Cool!

Avoiding timeouts – Using MQL cursors with MJT

August 4, 2007

If you start to develop Freebase applications you then at some point you will inevitably see the error message “Query timeout”

For example, if you wanted to get a list of Musical Artists in Freebase you might try this query


But as there are almost 1/3 million artists in the database this query will timeout. That’s just as well, otherwise you would be loading a 30MB JavaScript file!

That was an extreme example, but as more users register with Freebase, my Map of Freebase Users occasionally timeouts. (It’s actually the MJT library which imposes the deadline here, not necessary the database which timeouts). Even if your application isn’t timing out, you find that your browser becomes unresponsive as it loads large JavaScript files from the database.

The solution is to use MQL cursors

I’ve created an example using MQL cursors in MJT which demonstrates a number of concepts:

  • Using MQL cursors
  • Calling MJT templates with arguments
  • Incremental queries (the page updates without reloading)

And we’re back

July 26, 2007

Our short caving expedition is already finished. The Canto system is now almost 80km long!

Luc in Cantabria

Caving in Spain

July 13, 2007

There will be no updates for a week and a half as I’m caving in Spain.

Droplet by David De Roest

BBCode – live editor

July 12, 2007

I’m working on a BBCode generating bookmarklet for Freebase data. I didn’t want to pollute online forums with lots of test posts so I whipped up my own BBCode live editor.

Type BBCode into the top textarea and the rendered HTML will appear after a second of inactivity.

There are other live editors on the web but since I’m running my own I can easily configure it to support the different dialects out there.

Will’s live editor in action:

  1. bolded text
  2. italicized text
  3. underlined text
  4. http://wikipedia.org
  5. Wikipedia